Local Woman Horrified To Discover New Boyfriend Comes From A ‘Matching Outfits’ Family

Local Woman Horrified To Discover New Boyfriend Comes From A ‘Matching Outfits’ Family


A local woman has today discovered that when it comes to dating, there’s always something.

From the sweet, doting tradie who had a son he forgot to mention, to the charming, handsome med student with concerning opinions about women’s rights, Tess Colley has seen it all.

In fact, she’s seen a little too much.

So when she met her current boyfriend through a mutual friend, Tess had naturally been a little suspicious and eager to quickly uncover what freakish secret loomed beneath the surface.

Because the sooner she found out, the sooner she could figure out if the red flag is something she can work with. 

But luckily, with the ‘meet the family’ dinner a mere moment away, Tess’s suffering was to be put to an end as it would no doubt act as a critical point for assessment and offer an inside look into the dynamics of her boyfriend’s upbringing.

And who knows, perhaps she’s just dealing with a low-level threat – such as a slightly passive-aggressive older sister or a mum obsessed with the concept of grandchildren.

However, it’s alleged Tess hadn’t been quite so prepared for the level of caucasity she encountered when she was greeted at the door by a cheery older couple wearing matching outfits… a gaff that may have seemed accidental, if it weren’t for the arrival of a younger son, who too, was swathed in salmon.

Disassociating slightly as she was developed in a three-way hug, Tess thinks she might have been a bit too hard on the tradie, and that being a stepmother at 27 isn’t that bad.

More to come.