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Three Myths About Sparkling Water, Debunked

Illustration: Sam Woolley Whether you call it seltzer, sparkling water or soda water, this bubbly beverage is getting popular by the day, with Americans guzzling it at increasing rates. And though it’s frequently marketed as part of a healthier lifestyle—specifically one that does not include

The Consumer Bureau’s Reckless Plan for Debt Collection

We learn in email 101 that hyperlinks from unfamiliar senders are breeding grounds for scams. Microsoft has warned against clicking on foreign links for decades. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has repeatedly cautioned Americans to be wary of malware and phishing expeditions. Last year, the

Sony Buys Studio Behind Its Awesome *Spider-Man* Game

Welcome to Replay, where we endeavor to recap all the most important videogame news of the week in just a couple of minutes! This week was Gamescom, one of the year’s biggest videogame conferences—which means, naturally, a ton of news dropped. Here, let’s cut through

Gadget Lab Podcast: You’ve Got Microplastics

Plastic is everywhere. No, really, it is everywhere. Tiny bits of plastic waste, called microplastic, have come to permeate nearly every part of the planet. We drink it in our water. We breathe it in the air. It is inescapable. On this episode of the

What Is Cyberwar? The Complete WIRED Guide

The 2008 Georgian war was perhaps the first real hybrid war in which conventional military and hacker forces were combined. But given Georgia’s low rate of internet adoption—about 7 percent of Georgians used the internet at the time—and Russia’s relatively simplistic cyberattacks, which merely tore