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Update Your Pet’s Microchip Information Today

It’s smart to get your pet microchipped so you can be reunited if they’re ever lost, but don’t forget that there’s another step in that plan: keeping your information up to date so that whoever finds your pet can actually contact you. Today is Check

How You’ll Know a Recession Is Coming

Photo: Getty Images Everyone seems to be using the dreaded R word—recession—this week as the stock market looks topsy turvy, bond yields go bonkers, and the trade war drags on. But those events don’t mean that a recession will take place tomorrow. It may not

What’s Going On With the Stock Market?

The stock market has been exceptionally volatile this week—down, then up, then down again. The most recent drop was particularly steep; the Dow had its worst day of the year on Wednesday, when it dropped 800 points. (This came shortly after a previous “worst day