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The Ethics of Hiding Your Data From the Machines

I don’t know about you, but every time I figure out a way of sharing less information online, it’s like a personal victory. After all, who have I hurt, advertisers? Oh, boo hoo. But sharing your information, either willingly or not, is soon going to

The Beautiful Potential of Never-Ending Bachelor Parties

What happens in Vegas in 2019 will haunt you in the group chat forever. Spray-painting your nuggets gold at the Golden Nugget will be replayed from six camera angles, two in slow motion, three months later while you’re in a quarterly budget meeting, followed by

8 Best Laptops and Tablets for Students (2019 Back to School)

The perfect college laptop is a mysterious beast. Somewhere between form factor, specs, and price lies a machine that makes both students and parents happy. We review dozens of laptops and tablets, and the machines below are our favorite picks for students headed back to

Today’s Cartoon: Regulating Tech, the Hard Way

Every weekday, WIRED publishes a new cartoon about the worlds of science and technology. Check back here for more laughs throughout the rest of the week. And if that’s still not enough, you can find all of WIRED’s cartoons in one place, right here. Plus,

Swatting Is a Deadly Problem—Here’s the Solution

SWAT teams, in full military protective gear and armed with assault rifles, are being deployed against innocent, unsuspecting citizens all over the United States. Ten days ago, it was Kyle Giersdorf, alias Bugha, a 16-year-old Twitch streamer and reigning Fortnite champion, in Upper Pottsgrove Township,

For Young Female Coders, Internship Interviews Can Be Toxic

In 2018, Mei’lani Eyre, an 18-year-old computer science student at Cascadia College in Washington state, was in the middle of a phone interview with a hot shot Y Combinator-funded tech company, when the interviewer barked at her to stop talking and just code, “But with

You’ve Been Drinking Microplastics, But Don’t Worry—Yet

Scientists have begun to expose a global horror show: microplastic pollution. Tiny bits of plastic have been showing up in unlikely places, including Arctic ice floes. The particles are blowing in the air, so we’re breathing microplastic and eating it and drinking plastic-infused water. The