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What to Expect From the 2019 World Track Championships

KR: I’m a sucker for those German TV journo hit jobs! Watching those videos you’d think EPO and PEDs are so widespread—like, athletes as strung out extras in “New Jack City” except in high altitude training camps—but I never saw anything like that on trips

Trump Still Doesn’t Believe Russia Hacked the 2016 Election

Nearly three years since US intelligence agencies collectively stated that the Kremlin had hacked the Democratic National Committee, President Donald Trump still takes every opportunity to publicly downplay and dismiss the facts about Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. No surprise there. But what Trump

The Icelandic Village Where the Sun Never Sets in Summer

Ólafsfjörður is a small fishing village in northern Iceland with a population of fewer than 1,000 people. There’s a church, a few shops, a single gas station, a fish factory, a school, and not much else—which made it the ideal spot for an artist’s residency

The Dangers of Delaying FAA Modernization

Last month, during his swearing-in remarks as the new administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, Stephen Dickson promised to “ensure our aviation system maintains its proper place leading the world in both safety and operational performance.” WIRED OPINION ABOUT The Honorable Tidal W. (Ty) McCoy

Three Simple Tests Might Help Prevent Athletes’ Injuries

The Washington Redskins have been beaten up on the football field this year. With 10 players on the injured reserve list, and quarterback Case Keenum hobbling on a walking cast after hurting his foot in Monday’s loss to the Chicago Bears, many DC-area fans agree

Enjoy Free Internet at the Library? You Can Thank This Woman

The modern internet didn’t happen by accident. It took decades of work to turn what once was an obscure network used by a small number of academics into a global phenomenon reaching about half the people on Earth. Every two years, the Internet Society’s “Internet

Gadget Lab Podcast: Spot, the Robot Dog, Learns New Tricks

For 25 years, Boston Dynamics has been building robots and releasing videos of the terrifying things running around, opening doors, and fending off stick-wielding humans. The company’s most famous creation is a four-legged, canine-esque robot called Spot. Now, for the first time, the company is

NASA Wants to Send Nuclear Rockets to the Moon and Mars

Just north of the Tennessee River near Huntsville, Alabama, there’s a six-story rocket test stand in a small clearing of loblolly pines. It’s here, in a secluded corner of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, that the US Army and NASA performed critical tests during the

This Week’s Cartoons: VR Pets, Gamma Rays, and Emotions

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