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Feds Say Boeing 737s Need to Be Better Designed for Humans

The two 737 MAX crashes that killed 346 people and led to what is, so far, a six-month grounding of the jet, stemmed in part from Boeing’s failure to accurately anticipate how pilots would respond to a malfunctioning feature that pointed the jets toward the

Uber’s New Features Put a Focus on Rider Safety

Uber riders in some cities will soon be able to text 911 directly from the app and automatically transmit details about their locations and the vehicles they’re in to emergency responders. The features, announced Thursday by Uber, are among a raft of safety updates planned

Some Voting Machines Still Have Decade-Old Vulnerabilities

In three short years, the Defcon Voting Village has gone from a radical hacking project to a stalwart that surfaces voting machine security issues. This afternoon, its organizers released findings from this year’s event—including urgent vulnerabilities from a decade ago that still plague voting machines

Congress Grills Joseph Maguire Over Trump’s Whistle-Blower Scandal

Three years into the Trump administration, the US government still doesn’t know how to handle Donald Trump as president. That’s the simple conclusion from a dramatic morning in Washington, DC, that saw both the release of the nine-page complaint by an intelligence official whistle-blower and

OnePlus 7T Review: A Top Android Phone of 2019

I test a lot of phones here at WIRED. Smartphones incrementally change each year, and they’ve become more of an essential utility and less of a source of the tech world’s greatest innovations. I often appreciate their new features, but few of those enhancements spark

*The Batman* May Have Found Its Commissioner Gordon

Good day, and welcome to a new installment of The Monitor, WIRED’s pop culture news roundup. This week we have a lot of news about comic-book heroes (and antiheroes), ranging from Batman to Ghost Rider. Let’s get going! Hulu Is No Longer Making a Ghost