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Gadget Lab Podcast: One Wheel, Zero Buttons

[Intro music] Lauren Goode: Hi everyone. I’m Lauren Goode. I’m a senior writer at WIRED, and you’re listening to Gadget Lab. I’m joined by my cohost, WIRED senior editor, Michael Calore. MC: Aloha. LG: Michael’s a little sick. MC: Just a little bit. LG: Just

This Week’s Cartoons: Buggy Vows, Data Frontier, and Do Not Calls

Friday, January 17, 2020. By Ali Solomon, with WIRED can’t do anything about your parents, but here are some tips for stopping real robocalls—or at least slowing them down. Thursday, January 16, 2020. By Charlie Hankin, with Feel good each day you extend

Apple’s Latest Deal Shows How AI Is Moving Right Onto Devices

Apple dropped $200 million this week on a company that makes lightweight artificial intelligence. It’s all about keeping an edge in AI … by adding more AI to the edge. The acquisition of, a Seattle startup working on low-power machine learning software and hardware,

Seriously, It’s Time to Lean Into Monowheels

But in the last decade, our own world has been catching up. The new vanguards of the single wheel focused less on making human-sized hamster balls and more on making smaller, more maneuverable personal transportation. Bruce attributes the current viability of the micro-monowheel to a

A Windows 10 Vulnerability Was Used to Rickroll the NSA and Github

Less than a day after Microsoft disclosed one of the most critical Windows vulnerabilities ever, a security researcher has demonstrated how attackers can exploit it to cryptographically impersonate any website or server on the internet. ARS TECHNICA This story originally appeared on Ars Technica, a

Even Ultra-Tough Water Bears May Be Vulnerable to Climate Change

More so than any other animal on Earth, the water bear (aka tardigrade, aka moss piglet) doesn’t particularly appreciate dying. Scientists have exposed the microscopic critters, which look like eight-legged gummy bears, to insane conditions—they’ve boiled them, frozen them, irradiated them, and exposed them to

Artist Refik Anadol Turns Data Into Art, With Help From AI

Giant stashes of data are valuable assets to corporations in industries from fossil fuels to finance. Artist Refik Anadol sees pools of data as something else—material for what he calls a new kind of “sculpture.” Anadol creates mesmerizing art installations by seeking out interesting data