Domino’s and the Web are Failing the Disabled

Pizza always finds itself at the cusp of innovation. It was the first food sold online, the first food purchased with Bitcoin, and the first food delivered to space. Now it’s continuing that groundbreaking tradition, but unfortunately for pizza, this time it’s being dragged into

Nintendo Is Taking Down YouTube Archives of Its Music

Welcome to Replay, your one-stop destination for all of the biggest gaming news of the last few days. This week, we explore some Nintendo copyright concerns and some Epic Store updates, along with a nice game recommendation to boot. Grab a beverage and let’s get

Anxiously Seeking the Perfect Anti-Anxiety App

When I’m having a bout of anxiety, or even just an avoidant feeling (that is probably the precursor to a bout of anxiety), I pull out my phone to distract myself. In bed, when I can’t sleep (which is often) I’ll scroll through Instagram. In

Gadget Lab Podcast: The Dirty Wars Inside Google

For years, Google has flourished in large part because of its famously open internal workings. Leadership encouraged active and vocal communication between employees who held strong opinions or dissented with the company’s decisions. But over the past three years, that free-thinking atmosphere has become the